Karenn [Blawan & Pariah] line up debut album 'Grapefruit Regret' on Voam

Karenn are proud to present their debut album, “Grapefruit Regret”. Written and recorded during an intense studio session in Berlin over the summer, the resulting 8 tracks, as exuberant and colourful as their titles, serve to both compliment and contrast with their infamous live shows.


Karenn - Grapefruit Regret

Release Date: November 2019 (date TBC)

Format: Vinyl & Digital

A1. Lemon Dribble
A2. Strawbs
B1. Peel Me Easy
B2. Raz
C1. Crush The Mushrooms
C2. Cloy
D1. Kumquat
D2. Taste Yourself

Stream the track ‘Crush The Mushrooms’ here

Developer notes.

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