DJ Mag's 12 emerging artists of May, featuring Katerina

“Bulgarian-born Katerina is far from a newcomer. In her hometown of Helsinki, she’s long been praised as an intrinsic part of the electronic music scene that’s developed there. Through over a decade in promotion, she’s helped raise local clubs like Kaiku and the now globally renowned Flow Festival into what they are today. These days, it’s her wide-ranging DJ sets that have gained her rightful recognition, while her productions have found a befitting home on the renowned Cómeme label. She’s just launched her own label, Émotsiya! — which shares a name with her longstanding Cómeme Radio show — the first release being a six-track compilation of emerging artists and close friends. Her own productions resonate a deep and knowledgeable understanding of electronic music, and her next project will be an EP on Joakim’s Tigersushi, followed by an eagerly awaited album at the end of the year.”

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