Pitchfork round up their Best DJ Mixes of October, featuring Katerina

Every month, Philip Sherburne sifts through the never-ending avalanche of new DJ mixes online to bring you the best of the bunch.

“To open a mix with Steve Reich’s “Come Out,” in 2018, is not exactly a novel proposition, but what Finland’s Katerina goes and does with that proto-techno chestnut is worthy of note. A minute in, she begins blending it with ghostly, quasi-new age synths that, for a moment, sound almost like Plastikman’s plaintive 303, and she does it all in key. She teases that blend for a good long while, playing with the levels on Reich’s tape and letting its quickening repetitions add dynamism to slowly pulsing drones before drawing it back down to silence. Ten minutes in, she’s still working the mix; by now, Reich’s vocal loop is spinning in dizzy circles, and she uses it as the springboard into a hard-charging 808 jam. It’s smart and unexpected—the kind of long-game strategizing that few DJs bring to the decks—and she keeps the curveballs coming, from well-placed ambient interludes to a Casiotone waltz to a creepy voiceover encouraging, “Do drugs.” The highlight of the whole thing is her own “Be a Child,” a psychedelic and enveloping rave track from Just When You Thought It Was Over, her excellent debut EP for Cómeme. The record is classic techno with a twist—as fresh, in its own way, as this mix.”

Listen to Katerina’s L.I.E.S. Podcast 54 / view the full round-up on Pitchfork

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