Kowton explains to Thump UK why Dekmantel is the DJ's festival of choice

Before I left for Amsterdam for my personal inaugural Dekmantel festival, a friend who’d been before messaged me saying: “It’s rare that something finishes at 11pm and you’re fully satisfied, but Dek is that something.” While his abbreviation ran the risk of making the whole thing sound more like a Vans-sponsored pop-punk bar, it’s the sort tribute that just about everybody seems to pay the festival. Next year will be the fifth annual Dekmantel festival. Over that short time, the event has amassed an unshakeable reputation and the love for the festival comes from all angles. ‘Dek’ is indeed that ‘something’.

Four days into my trip, and I’m more than beginning to understand why. A world-class lineup timed to perfection, brimming with one-off back-to-backs all housed on beautifully designed stages spread across the Amsterdamse Bos. It’s not just the lineup that has people flocking here from all over Europe and beyond. The usual stresses and hassles that come with a festival are somehow miraculously alleviated by the Dekmantel atmosphere. It’s become the kind of event DJs and artists really want to play at. Which means they usually deliver something special.

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