Courtesy to reissue Ectotherm legacy records on Kulør

In October 2019 Courtesy will reissue three legacy releases from the Ectotherm label, the first Copenhagen 140bpm fast techno records: Rune Bagge’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet (2016), IBON’s Three Ways (2017) and Schacke’s Make Them Remember (2017) all with new artwork.

The three EPs were the first Danish 140bpm techno records of the contemporary era, and laid the foundation for Copenhagen’s now world-renowned fast and trancy techno sound which has since swept the globe.

Only 300 copies of the EPs were originally pressed by the Copenhagen label Ectotherm, which Courtesy co-founded, and there was no wider digital release. With the Kulør reissue, Courtesy intends to make sure their legacy reaches a wider audience.

The reissues will feature beautiful new artwork. Performance collective Young Boy Dancing Group will provide work for Schacke’s Make Them Remember, while French LA-based painter Claire Tabouret will provide the cover for Rune Bagge’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet and the rising Copenhagen-based sculptor Rikard Thambert has been commissioned to produce a bespoke sculpture for the cover of IBON’s Three Ways.

The name Kulør means “colorful” in Courtesy’s native Danish. The label is a playful output for the Danish DJ who put a new generation of techno producers from Copenhagen on the map of global music in 2018 with the label’s debut compilation Kulør 001.

“I’ve been eager to get these EPs out for a long time, but it hasn’t been possible before now. These records changed my relationship to the techno scene in Denmark, allowing me to help push this incredible musical force that is currently making waves all over the world, thanks to these talented guys. This music also greatly shaped the way I DJ today, and it’s rewarding to see it finally getting a wider release with this new stunning artwork.” Courtesy / Najaaraq Vestbirk Creative Director, Kulør.

“These three records are the cornerstones of this sound and provided the soundtrack to the birth of the Copenhagen rave scene. Therefore I’m excited that we are re-issuing them on Kulør and I’m moved and proud to have done the art direction – because I carry these records with me in everything I do and they resonate to my core. The artworks by Rikard Thambert, Claire Tabouret and Young Boy Dancing Group have been chosen with inspiration in the emotional coordinates of the music drawing on its blue euphoria, its rolling midnight militancy and its anthemic call for a future not yet materialized.” Mio Nordentoft, Art Director Kulør.


Vinyl and digital release date: 4th October 2019

Rune Bagge - Ingen Tak Til Systemet (Kulør 003)

A1 Secret Solutions
A2 Repulsion
B1 I Am The Solution
B2 Coup D’Etat

The direct English translation of the title of Rune Bagge’s debut record is “No Gratitude Towards The System” and its rolling midnight militancy is an aural testament to this sentiment. Bagge’s tracks move like a storm at sea, ready to make landfall on the city. Heavy yet rapid – like a steel door blowing off its hinges.

Claire Tabouret
Claire Tabouret received her BFA from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, in 2006 and studied at Cooper Union, New York, in 2005. Her canvases often depict armored solitary women and children, and originate in Internet or archival found photographs. In 2017 her work was exhibited in dialogue with Yoko Ono at Rome’s Villa Medici as only the second show of women artists in its 200-year history. The artwork for Rune Bagge’s “Ingen Tak Til Systemet” is a drawing from her 2017 series “Les Étreintes”.

Produced by: Rune Bagge
Artwork: Claire Tabouret
Graphic Design: Spine Studio
Art Direction: Mio Nordentoft

Ibon - Three Ways (Kulør 004)

A1 Maur
B1 No Cry
B2 Svever

IBON’s debut record marked the birth of the “blue euphoria” associated with Copenhagen fast techno. He revitalises and re-inhabits the trance of his youth by tinting blind nineties optimism with a melancholia very much born from our current moment. Three Ways is coming-of-age techno that looks reality directly in the eye but resists leaving naivety behind.

Rikard Thambert
Swedish-born Rikard Thambert received his MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. His sculptural practice centers on the revitalisation of a naive and organic representation of the body. The artwork for IBON’s “Three Ways” is a sculpture by Thambert commissioned by Kulør specifically for the reissue.

Produced by: Frans Ibon
Artwork: Rikard Thambert
Graphic Design: Spine Studio
Art Direction: Mio Nordentoft

Schacke - Make Them Remember (Kulør 005)

A1 Make Them Remember
A2 Life Is Absurd
B1 A Future Not Materialized

Schacke’s Make Them Remember is a point of genesis. From the insectoid trippiness of “Life Is Absurd” to the anthemic martial churning of “Make Them Remember” and the ocean floor pensiveness of “A Future Not Materialized”, the record mapped out the road ahead for not just Schacke, but for Copenhagen techno as a whole – a cornerstone in fast techno.

Young Boy Dancing Group
Young Boy Dancing Group was initiated in 2014 as a mercurial dance collective with an ongoing alternating cast. The group deals critically with modes of dance production, digital culture, originality and institutionalisation. Past performances include the Lithuanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015 and Manifesta 11 in Zurich, among others. The artwork for Schacke’s “Make Them Remember” is made up of a photo documentation from a performance by the group in Copenhagen in 2016.

Produced by: Martin Schacke
Artwork: Young Boy Dancing Group
Graphic Design: Spine
StudioArt Direction: Mio Nordentoft

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