Kulør presents 'Emotion 1', the debut single from Reece Cox

Featuring remixes from Call Super, Parris, upsammy, Ibon, plus a video piece by Spanish artist and choreographer Guillem Jiménez

Reece Cox’s debut single for Kulør is Emotion 1. The song began appearing in Courtesy’s DJ sets in mid 2019 and was quickly noticed by audiences internationally for its fast and ecstatic cascading melody which shimmered across dance floors completely free of percussion. The much anticipated Emotion 1 will be accompanied by a video by the Spanish artist and choreographer Guillem Jiménez, artwork by Danish artist Miriam Kongstad and remixes from Upsammy, Parris, Call Super, as well as Kulør regular, DJ Ibon.

Emotion 1 was made in pursuit of an enthralling sound that was both fast and energetic while pouring over with light and joy. Largely free of bass or percussion, Emotion 1 derives its power from urgent, pointillistic supersaw melodies ensnared in elastic resonances painting an effervescent canopy across the high-end like a fresco of heaven painted overhead. The effect is gripping and immediate, offering a bright flash of hope and light when we most need it.

The video to Emotion 1, by Spanish artist and choreographer Guillem Jiménez, is an exploration and celebration of dance and movement both on and off the stage. The video is an abbreviated modern archive, giving us a choreographer’s eye-view as to what the world of movement looks like in all areas of life. With fast cuts and multiple frames, the video is a high speed celebration of life through a barrage of bodily expression. Whether it be in a black box theatre or a tik tok video, a grand stage, or the side of the highway, the Emotion 1 video reveals the generous view of a choreographer observing the innumerable ways we move today.

The release artwork, Holler in the Green, is by Danish artist and choreographer Miriam Kongstad. The work features a deeply layered collage of images of movement and expression. Orchestra conductors, Football referees, cartoon figures, leaping dogs, and horses all meld into one another from all directions in a sea of ecstatic green, creating a scene of a thousand small moments and gestures happening all at once.

Kulør is a record label and multidisciplinary artistic platform that since 2018 has produced records, books, exhibitions, and programming across the music and contemporary art worlds.


Reece Cox - Emotion 1

Release Date: 05 March 2021
Format: Vinyl & Digital

Tracklist: 01. Emotion 1
02. Emotion 1 (Ibon’s Dizzy Stomp Mix)
03. Emotion 1 (Parris Remix)
04. Emotion 1 (Call Super Remix)
05. Emotion 1 (upsammy remix)

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