Lazare Hoche steps up for an RA podcast

House music doesn’t come much classier than the stuff Charlie Naffah makes and plays. As Lazare Hoche, this 27-year-old Frenchman specialises in a lean, emotive and functional sound built around a no-frills, groove-led formula that’s been central to loopy house music since the style emerged in the ’90s. As simple as these tracks may seem, very few producers nail its understated and hypnotic aesthetic, which part of the reason why the evergreen Naffah is currently one of house’s most exciting and best-loved producers. He’s been putting out slick, effective records from his Paris base for four years, beginning with the lauded collaboration with Malin Genie, I Don’t Sync So Pt.1. Naffah’s released music at a steady rate since, becoming a firm favourite of DJs who like their house stripped-down, punchy and with feeling (respected selectors such Zip and Raresh are among his biggest fans).

Check out an interview with Lazare Hoche and his podcast over at Resident Advisor.


Lazare Hoche

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