Leo Leal debuts on Binh's Time Passages label with new LP 'Fractal Magic'

Mexican artist Leo Leal debuts on Binh’s Time Passages with some of his darkest material yet and marks his first release since 2016. Inspired by years of study in metaphysics, alchemy, and its connection with sound “Fractal Magic” fuses cold driving rhythms with infectious chugging beats.

Time Passages

Leo Leal - Fractal Magic

Release Date: TBC mid-late Feb 2021
Format: Vinyl & Digital

A1. Fractal Magic
A2. Infinite Dimensions
B1. The Real Apollo Mission
B2. Changing Paradigms
C1. Orbits From Libra
C2. Atonal Memories
D1. Vitalic Force
D2. Muzika Espiritual (feat. Ina Gold)

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Developer notes.

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