FACT breaks tradition and introduces mid-week mix by Leon Vynehall

The last two years have seen the South Coast’s Leon Vynehall steadily rise through the UK house ranks.

Debuting in 2012 with a brace of records on ManMakeMusic and regularly ahead-of-the-game Brighton label Well Rounded, Vynehall quickly established himself as a dab hand at organic, natural-sounding house music and a smart cookie with a hook. It was no surprise, then, when Will Saul’s Aus Music jumped on him for 2013′s ‘Brother’ / ‘Sister’ single, while Martyn’s 3024 label signed up a three-track title EP titled Open. Vynehall’s relationship with 3024 is clearly a blossoming one: this month, he’ll release a “mini-album” for the label titled Music for the Uninvited.

Listen to it here.


Leon Vynehall


Music for the Uninvited



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