Mixmag In Session: Lone

A rich musical tapestry from the Nottingham native

“Listening to Lone’s music is like zooming down Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road and triple dropping three golden stars along the way. Seven albums and many more EPs deep into his career, he sits atop one of the most singular discographies in dance music. And that’s not a descriptor we use lightly. His signature colourful soundscapes are instantly recognizable as Lone productions, taking listeners on dizzying, dynamic rides.

Lone, real name Matthew Cutler, grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Nottingham and began producing music while in primary school. His moniker refers to his tendency to hide away in his bedroom making tunes rather than going out. Those long hours locked off from the outside world enabled him to develop a sound that’s both intimately emotional and hits dancefloors like adrenaline shots.

Esteemed labels such as R&S, Werk Discs and Dekmantel have tapped him for releases over the years, and time after time he finds creative ways to dazzle us, merging influence from a broad range of electronica, house, jungle, r’n’b, ambient, IDM, hip hop, electro and jazz into effervescent sonic rushes. He also heads up his own label Magicwire and has established it as a go-to destination for upbeat jams with releases from the likes of Project Pablo, Bruce Trail and Ross From Friends complementing his own output.

Naturally, his DJ sets are as diverse as his productions, channelling his influences into rich musical tapestries. His skills have seen him contribute instalments to acclaimed series such as !K7’s DJ-Kicks and BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix in recent years, and we’re delighted to see him add our In Session series to his roster.”

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