Lorenzo BITW presents jazz-inspired video for new single 'Saturnalia'

Saturnalia is the third & final single from Lorenzo BITW’s album “Pantea”. With each single Lorenzo has pushed forward with a more mature sound and Saturnalia reflects the climax of his growth. Drawing inspiration from contemporary Jazz ,wonky hip hop, Footwork, Jungle and old echoes of Drum’n’Bass. Fellow Italian Beatmaker Daykoda helps Lorenzo to implement those Jazz notions by adding a live element and playing across the record. The title of the track Saturnalia is the same name as an an ancient Roman pagan festival honouring the agricultural God Saturn, many of its traditions are now closely associated with Christmas. During Saturnalia normal work patterns & social hierarchy’s were suspended. With that in mind the track sonically embraces moments of joy and euphoria designed to give the listener a sense of freedom and emancipation.

Future Bounce

Lorenzo BITW - Pantea
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Watch ‘Saturnalia’ video here

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