RA Podcast #487: Lo Shea

“Liam O’Shea has been quietly killing it for a long time. He’s inseparably linked to Sheffield, his hometown, where his work as a DJ, producer, promoter and all round solid guy has made him a local hero. O’Shea plays and produces forward-facing strains of house and techno, but over the last 20 years he’s been involved with many different sounds and scenes.
O’Shea’s tracks have a few hallmarks, which you’ll also notice in his RA podcast. His rhythms have a strong sense of funk, and his bass and lead sounds often draw from the ruder end of drum & bass and bass music. The healthy volume of his own unreleased music on RA.487 only confirms that O’Shea deserves global attention.”

Download the podcast and read an interview with Lo Shea on Resident Advisor.

Tracklist /
Lo Shea - Strakt - Hope Works
Rekord 61 - Vremya (Unbalance Tight Remix) - Konstructiv
The Black Dog - Non Linear Information Life - DUST
Bruce - Tilikum (Hodge Remix) - Livity Sound
Mella Dee - Trellick - Lobster Boy
Callahan - Alysia - Works (forthcoming)
Mr G - M’s Retrograde - Planet Rhythm
Lo Shea - Northern Lights - Hope Works (forthcoming)
Duct - It’s Jungle (Flux remix) - Shades Recordings
Lo Shea - Mark IX - Hope Works (forthcoming)
Huerco S - Transit - Proibito
Lo Shea - Mark X
Lo Shea - Durga (Zenker Brothers Remix) - DEXT recordings
+Platform - Sour - Plonik
Lo Shea - Durga - DEXT Recordings
Lucie & Ombre -Stellar - Dynamite Joint Recordings
Lo Shea - A Way Through (dub)
Anthony Parasole - Point God - The Corner
Peverelist - Undulate - Livity Sound
Dynamo Dreesen/SVN/A Made Up Sound - Track 1- Acido 20
Andrea - Machines - Ilian Tape
Raw Materials - Furnace - 100 years
Minor Science - Glamour - Whities
Lo Shea - Oxygen Lance - Transit
No Face - Polar - Jericho One
Mosca - No We’re Not A Couple - Not So Much
Lo Shea - Underwater Rhythm - Seaghdh

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