Maelstrom presents mystical video for 'Dual Phase' ft. choreographer-performer Caterina Grosoli

Experience the agonies and ecstasies of muscle memory in this ode to movement, featuring choreographer-performer Caterina Grosoli and director Dorny Sunday

Furthering their artistic collaboration, French artist Maelstrom and British-Persian director Dorny Sunday have fused together another spectral delight for ‘Dual Phase’, featured on Maelstrom’s latest album ‘Rhizome’.

The film centres around a choreographer who’s forced to confront a tragic shift of identity; as the dancer’s world of motion is transformed into one of stillness. We experience the agonies and ecstasies of muscle memory in this ode to movement.

The nostalgic pangs of yesterday are felt deeply in the eyes of the performer (choreographer Caterina Grosoli) compulsively replaying her swan song in her old dance studio. Which as a rather ominous voiceover informs us, the venue that was once a heaven has become some form of hell realm.

There’s an almost mystical quality to the video. Whether or not these are fragments of yesterday or dreams of a lost tomorrow is never clear. But the rich, textured cinematography pairs well with the kinetic track, to bring about a feeling of heavy-heartedness and a longing for more.

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Maelstrom - Rhizome is out now on RAAR

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