Magicwire announce new Placid Angles LP 'First Blue Sky'

22 years since a last appearance, Placid Angles (John Beltran) partners with London’s Magicwire to share a second full length, out 15th March.

Placid Angles (John Beltran) & Magicwire would like to dedicate this album to You, The Earth & Everything.

First Blue Sky is due Mid March. For now please enjoy the clips and take care of each other.

All artwork done by Magicwire’s Gabriola.

Track List:
1. First Blue Sky
2. Angel
3. A Moment Away From You
4. Vent
5. Earth and Everything
6. Ocean Floor
7. Bad Minds
8. 1700
9. Breathe Her In
10. Soft Summer (Revisited)

Stream clips here

Developer notes.

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