Martyn to release 'GL Outtakes', 7 unreleased tracks from 2008/09

Martyn announces ‘GL Outtakes’, a seven-track collection of newly mastered and edited material from 2008/2009, out now via his 3024 imprint

“‘GL Outtakes’ is a collection of seven tracks I made in 2008/2009, but recently edited and mastered. The songs were written during the transition period of moving from Rotterdam to Washington DC, something that’s also documented on my debut album ‘Great Lengths’ (2009).

Nowadays, the fusion of different genres has become the norm and new hybrid forms are invented all the time. However, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that this was quite unique ten years ago. Several producers such as 2562, Peverelist, TRG, Appleblim, Headhunter and myself built on the bass heavy foundations of dubstep pioneers such as Digital Mystikz, Kode9, El-b and the Big Apple crew, bringing sounds from techno, broken beat and other styles into the mix.

These seven tracks are experiments of this exact process. They’re more tracky and monotonous than my other music from that era, but after rediscovering them I felt they had a connection with some of the new music I have been doing this year (for my next album on Ninja Tune coming in spring 2018). I felt the time was right to put them out there for you to enjoy.” -Martyn

Martyn - GL Outtakes

Release Date: Nov 8th 2017

Track List:
01. Latte Complexion
02. Meaning Of Life
03. Ultra
04. Matt Hensley
05. Kent And Atlantic
06. Brilliant Orange (Beat Version)
07. KJLFYE3024

Listen to ‘Ultra’

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