Motor City Drum Ensemble chats with Crack Magazine

“I feel that society is going in the way of being hyper-ego centred, fast paced nonsense that’s not actually going anywhere and people like Donald Trump are the perfect iconisation of this,” Danilo Plessow remarks. It’s a Saturday night and I’m sat with the man behind Motor City Drum Ensemble, discussing the intense realities connected to club spaces and politics in a crowded restaurant at Minehead’s Butlins resort.

As we finish up eating, we take our conversation somewhere less crowded, walking out into the darkness towards his chalet accommodation provided for tonight’s set at Bloc. weekender. Having just jumped off a flight from his current home of Amsterdam, he looks around curiously, taking in the family-tailored amusements and the hoards of festival attendees – many of whom seem to recognise him immediately.

Plessow has never been a DJ who cares about being on trend or pandering to expectations. When I mention the wealth of techno at the event he’s about to play, he says with a wide smile, “Fuck it, I think I’m going to take it slow.” Going through his laptop in his chalet beforehand in preparation, he mulls over tracks that range from the blissful electro of James Stinson’s The Other People Place to Hafi Deo, a popular peak-time set staple from African singer-songwriter Tabu Ley Rochereau.

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