RA Recommends 'Selectors 001' compiled by MCDE

“With DJs seemingly everywhere—from hotel lobbies and packed clubs to clothing stores and brunch spots—how to differentiate between the newbie, the competent mixer and the serious vinyl obsessive daily combing Discogs? It’s only a slight tweak of nomenclature, but Dekmantel’s new Selectors series seeks to put some space between the oft-abused DJ tag and the form’s elite few, focusing on the deep knowledge and record shelves of the latter versus the increasing interchangeability of the others.

As his 2011 DJ Kicks mix shows, Danilo Plessow, AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble, knows how to move from cosmic jazz to sweaty basement house to otherworldly regions of dance music in just a few pieces of vinyl. His Selectors collection nicely establishes what lies ahead for the series”

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