Jimmy Edgar sets to release the next 'Metaphysix' compilation on Ultramajic

Ultramajic - Metaphysics III - Correspondence Release date: Sept 15

The third law of Metaphysix is titled Correspondence, which refers to a universal law that states “as above so below, and vice versa”—in other words, the universe is a fractal, and it’s all connected. In this series, we look at the relationship and musical connection between Paris and Ultramajic. We invited our close friends to take part of this compilation, and we also have a new artist joining the ranks: Crystal Bandito.

This is the Ultramajic correspondence: Five ostensibly disparate producers from around the world translating similar musical ideas through cultural barriers. Label boss Jimmy Edgar finds a common ground with French talents Bambounou, French Fries, and Bobmo in rigid Chicago-influenced drum workouts, dusty drum hits, and staccato blasts. The two mysterious names on the track list, on the other hand—Aden and Crystal Bandito—offer a massive stomper with chunky hip-hop vocals and a unhinged techno tune with rashes of metallic percussion, respectively.

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Tracklisting: 1. French Fries & Bambounou “What’s Up Evan” 2. Crystal Bandito “EEEWalk” 3. Bobmo “Crushed” 4. Aden “Move” 5. Creepy Autograph “The Yes Dance”

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