Pitchfork review Midland 'Fabriclive 94' series

The debut commercial mix CD from UK producer Harry Agius, aka Midland, transcends the typical function of a DJ mix. It’s one of the year’s best, with potential to resonate beyond dance-music diehards.

Nothing says “peak content” like a DJ mix. Proliferating for free online, they’re a dime a terabyte. A kind of cognitive dissonance hangs over many: Suggesting club energy but far removed from actual nightclubs, they offer a simulacrum of nightlife. They also serve a more mercenary purpose: Many DJs’ mixes double as business cards; Fabric’s reasonably priced mix series is essentially an advertisement for the London nightclub, where cover and service charges might run you $38 or more. But every now and then, the elements align and something more transcendent results. That is the case with Midland’s debut commercial mix CD, one of the year’s best, and one with the potential to resonate far beyond dance-music diehards.

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