ItaloJohnson goes deep with Mixmag ahead of their appearance at Farr Festival

For international men of mystery, ItaloJohnson are an open, affable bunch. They’ll chat about social lives, family lives, parties, hangovers, their own in-band friendship, recording processes, influences, their musical pasts: they’ll even own up to having made gabba records in past lives. Nothing seems to be off-limits in conversation – except they won’t let their names or identifying details about jobs or other aliases go on record.

Their timelessly poised, bumping and bassy house records come out on vinyl with barely any online presence, next to no information or clues to their makers’ identity, and months between each release. And yet they’ve become some of the most collectible and heavily rinsed tunes in the house underground, and made the trio ever more sought-after as DJs as time goes on.

So what gives? Sitting in a glossy Docklands hotel room with Mixmag, the three 30-something Berliners – who we’ll refer to just as ‘R’, ‘M’ and ‘J’ – make it instantly clear that they’re not publicity-shy sensitive genius types or full of grandiose keep-it-underground theories.

Check out the rest of the feature over at Mixmag.

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