Smallville Records announce details of new Moomin LP 'A Minor Thought'

Release Date: February 2016

The ocean- the infinity, the beauty, the colour, the sound: a truly seductive place.

With the sound of ocean waves Smallville’s beloved artist Moomin invites us to enter his second full length album “A Minor Thought”. A selection of wonderful tracks initiate some exciting house music moments at our favorite clubs, improved at Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson and of course the Golden Pudel among many others..

Engaged with a fantastic collection of analogue synths and drum machines, Moomin is always on a hunt of the most delicate samples. After earlier adventures including his first album “The Story About You”, a number of beautiful works on his own imprint “Closer” and the 10 years Smallville compilation, Moomin appears with another string of beauty.

As always get a lovely fullcover artwork package with printed Inlays for the vinyl version by Smallville’s one and only Stefan Marx…

CD Tracklisting:
1. 123
2. A Minor Thought
3. Loop No. 1
4. Morning Groove
5. Woman to Woman
6. Alone
7. Stotheh
8. Chemistry
9. Time To Reflect
10. You Neva Know
11. Unshaped

Vinyl Tracklisting:
A1 123
A2 Alone
B1 A Minor Thought
B2 Time To Reflect
C1 Woman To Woman
C2 Morning Groove
D1 Chemistry
D2 Unshaped

Developer notes.

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