Glamcult interview Mor Elian

The artist talks rave culture’s past, present and future.

Rave culture is a relentless sea: ever-shifting, ever-evolving and full of creatures big and small that co-exist in their distinct harmony, for the most part nameless and indefinite to the ground above. And, just like the sea—look at rave culture’s surface, and you’ll see a lucid reflection of the status quo, listen to its waves and you’ll hear a forecast of the (alternative) future. Emerging from its depths is one of techno’s most in-demand sirens: Mor Elian. Rooted in Tel Aviv, raised in Los Angeles and currently residing in electronic music’s heaven, Berlin, the artist trots the globe with a mission to promote longevity and diversity within the underground.

Having started as a raver at the tender age of 12, Elian’s fast-paced, electro-driven tracks have taken her from the dance floor to the DJ pool and beyond; she’s a producer and booker, with a jewellery line as an outlet of her passion for design. The thoroughness of Elian’s experience grants her the ability to reflect on electronic music’s past with enviable knowledge and push for its truly authentic, sustainable and inclusive future. Glamcult sat down with the artist for a talk on risk-taking, perfect clubbing environments and (last but definitely not least) her process as a creator.

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