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Before she plays Dazed’s party at Bestival this weekend, the New Hampshire DJ and producer curates a slamming party playlist.

It’s been a few months since the release of Octo Octa’s Where Are We Going, a triumphant, compelling deep dive into queerness and self-realisation. Introspective and reflective, the album saw Maya Bouldry-Morrison offer a personal and deeply moving collection that hit so many right in the heart – it was for anyone sitting with their headphones in, basking in the blue MacBook glow, or spinning into a friend’s arms on a sticky dancefloor.

The breakthrough success of Where Are We Going has led to a busier schedule for Octo Octa. This spring and summer has seen Bouldry-Morrison take her rapturous live sets and breezy beats to crowds across the world, from Bristol to Brooklyn to Berlin. Just last week, she released the second single from the album alongside two remixes: the synthy, heart-rate pushing “Adrift”.

But this is all just one small part of the tidal waves of change happening for Bouldry-Morrison recently. Over the past year or so, the producer and DJ has moved from New York back to her native New Hampshire, publicly come out as transgender, and move from one label to another. What’s more, Bouldry-Morrison is now tentatively working on new music, which she describes it as “angry”, taking no bullshit from anyone to discover what her next musical statement will be.

This weekend, Octo Octa performs as part of Dazed’s takeover at Bestival alongside Eclair Fifi and Mykki Blanco. Ahead of the weekend festivities, she’s put together a party playlist, pairing slamming diva vocals with liquid club and dub tracks. We caught up with the artist about her mesmerising music set-up, touring the world and crafting the stories she wants to tell.

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