Watch the 3D rendered video for Octo Octa's “Adrift”

The producer was photographed thousands of times at every angle to make the virtual reality style film

“‘Adrift’ is an intentionally dour song compared to other songs I have written as I don’t have a lot of hope in the wider scope of the world at the moment. I often find myself personally gravitating towards sadder moments when I have time alone to reflect, versus the hyped energy of being in a club with others. I wouldn’t want to call it escapism for me personally because I don’t see the club as an escape, but more as a place to gather and uplift each other. But those aren’t eternal moments… The video encapsulates those times alone and my feelings of attempting to process what is happening around me.” - Octo Octa


The video for Adrift was created using photogrammetry and Unreal Engine. Photogrammetry is the process of capturing 3D content by taking pictures from every angle. We photographed Maya thousands of times over a couple days in San Francisco resulting in a handful of detailed 3D meshes. The process is labor intensive but it was exciting once we were designing the world of Adrift around the 3D image of Maya. The lighting and environments of Unreal Engine can be tuned for otherworldly effect and using a game engine for Adrift means we can create future versions for virtual reality and live performance.

Director Ray McClure Notes (Working with Octo Octa)

Adrift was an intriguing song to visualize, for me it evokes images of a voyage across shifting landscapes and the strange and exciting things occurring in hidden places at night. Octo Octa is an innovative producer without compromise and an ideal collaborator.

Octo Octa - Adrift(Incl. Dorisburg &Avalon Emerson remixes)
Honey Soundsystem

A Adrift
B Adrift (Dorisburg Remix)
B2 Adrift (Avalon Emerson Remix)

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Honey Soundsystem

Developer notes.

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