Orson to release new EP 'Delivero' on Version

The version label-boss returns to the Berlin-based imprint for a slow-paced four-track 12”

In an age of disposable trends and media saturation, a change of pace can be a revelation. Through his lifelong dedication to the craft, Berlin bass DJ, Orson, is proof that a more precious connection to music is still possible. A connection that prizes quality, community and consistency over forgettable fads.

He returns to Version for the fourteenth release in the series for a four-track journey across the realms of slow-paced bass.

For A1 ‘Agadir’, Orson delves into chugging 4x4 territory, with haunting vocal chops and unpredictable snare fills. While A2 ‘Delivero’ moves things along at 106bpm with gliding arpeggios, ambient synth-work and a mesmeric vocal loop inspired from the 1990 Bleep era.

Flip the record for B1; ‘Toxic Waste’, a pacier, dubbed-out rhythm track with saturated claps, scattered delays and dub-siren magic to boot.

Closing out the record is B2 ‘Garzweiler’, which is a weightless collage of organic field recordings, speech, machinery, and frenetic snippets of time-stretched percussion lines. This concludes the next EP on one of Berlin’s most revered experimental-bass imprints.


Orson - Delivero EP

Release Date: 11 October 2019

Formats: Vinyl, Digital

Track List:
A1. Agadir
A2. Delivero
B1. Toxic Waste
B2. Garzweiler

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