Crack highlight the standout features of Outline Festival

“Arma17 was a Moscow institution, frequently cited as a standout gig for DJs, and by all accounts a jewel in Europe’s clubbing landscape. Having seen their second site closed down last year, the collective behind the club have focused on taking their experience to various unorthodox locations around the city, and the world.

One of their various projects is Outline, a flagship festival which last year took over a man-made island, and this year inhabited the brutalist ruins of an industrial site with its loosely techno-centric music policy and liberally-minded crowd. Teaming up with film collective Stereotactic and visual studio/production company Sila Sveta, Outline takes the form of one continuous, 24-hour party, times became warped across its duration; whether the sun is coming up or coming down becomes a technicality, the entire site one living, pulsating organism.

A thrilling snapshot of a dedicated underground community within a city marred by an often unfavourable international reputation, here are a few of the factors which made Outline such a remarkable achievement.”

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Photo credit: Almira Safi

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