Inverted Audio premiere Florian Kupfer remix of Paolo Iocca

“In the space of just three records, Italian producer and multi-instrumentalist Paolo Iocca has established his label, RA-1, in the most convincing fashion. Showing a strong inclination for evenly melodic and hard-hitting techno – with for leitmotiv to call in a grade-A remixer on the flip of every plate, the quality is there and each side ends well and carefully balanced.
Kupfer‘s reinterpretation of Iocca’s title-cut ‘Next Time‘, which you can now stream in full through Inverted Audio, is an unflinching slab of stomping industrial techno curiously married with field recordings. Interlacing straight-up pounding 909 kick drums tailored for big-room action and tribal-like percussions with the sound of waves softly swashing against the shore, the track’s charm mainly resides in this unconventional merger of tight-laced rhythms and immersive organicity. Hypnotic.”

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