Anthony Parasole on First Floor RBMA

Brooklyn lifer and Berghain regular Anthony Parasole shares his debut LP with Shawn Reynaldo on RBMA First Floor

Born and raised in NYC, Anthony Parasole has lived through multiple generations of the city’s nightlife, soaking up all kinds of knowledge and experience along the way. Still, his reach extends far beyond his hometown, as he’s become a resident at Berghain while also garnering accolades for his label The Corner, not to mention the Deconstruct imprint he runs with Levon Vincent. With his first album, Infrared Vision, about to surface on the Dekmantel label, Parasole details its genesis and the unexpected sounds that influenced its creation.

Listen to the show live on Thursday 30th March from 7-9pm in Europe / 1-3pm in New York, or on demand (everywhere except the US) as soon as the original airing is complete on RBMA Radio


Anthony Parasole - Infrared Vision



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