Low End Frequencies: Parris Interviewed by the Quietus

Hemlock is a record label deeply synonymous with the strand of club music which began splintering off from dubstep in the latter half of the last decade, sparking a movement which soon saw tempos declining and the music fusing with elements of techno, while retaining the bass frequencies which were so integral to the sound.

Following in the wake of Hessle Audio, whose inaugural release came just a year earlier, the label, founded by Jack Dunning, who is better known as producer Untold, quickly set out sharing killer records from the likes of James Blake, Pearson Sound - then known as Ramadanman - and Untold himself in its fledgling years. It was James Blake’s debut release, Air & Lack Thereof, in 2009 that first fully introduced Londoner Dwayne Parris, today producing and DJing simply as Parris, to the label. He had come across the record and label, like many at the time, as a dubstep obsessive who had begun regularly attending storied club night FWD>> that same year while it still took place at the now-closed and widely hailed Plastic People.

Fast forward eight years, following a handful of early releases and a lengthy run spent working behind the scenes of London’s underground dance music scene, and Parris is now on the cusp of putting out a record with a label that is heavily intertwined with his own discovery of the kind of music he makes today. His enthusiasm is unmistakable as he tells me of his excitement at soon seeing the finished copies of the record, only his third solo release.

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