Peaking Lights announces new single ‘EVP’ and forthcoming album on Dekmantel Records

Two years after cosmic-dub luminaries Peaking Lights surfaced on Dekmantel with their Sea Of Sand EP, the production pair are back with their debut LP for Dekmantel. ‘E S C A P E’, their eight album to date, catches the Californian — now European natives — at their finest, replete with atmospheres of homemade-percussive dub, that sit alongside wondrous landscapes of electronic pop and placid krautrock-like hooks, all tied together by Indra Dunis’ composed and hypnotic vocal charm.

The single ‘EVP’ is out now on all digital platforms, with more information on the full album following soon. The tracklist of the forthcoming double LP can be found below.

Dekmantel Records
Peaking Lights - E S C A P E
Album release date: 04 May 2020

01. Dharma
02. Peace
03. EVP
04. The Dammed 05. The Caves
06. Soft Escape
07. Eyes Alive
08. Innerterrestrial 09. Dreams
10. Silver Clouds
11. Enchanted Sea
12. Traffic
13. Change Always Comes

Stream the new single via SoundCloud and Spotify.

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