Peverelist talks up ‘Tessellations’ on Inverted Audio

When it comes to innovation within the grey area that exists between “bass music” and whatever is considered “techno” these days Peverelist has it covered. The Bristol-based producer has been on a roll since establishing his Livity Sound imprint with fellow producers Kowton and Asusu, whilst releasing extrapolations that were birthed from smashing techno and bass together. The label became a platform for artists like Alex Coulton, Batu, Hodge and Simo Cell taking unique voices and cementing them as waypoints into the aforementioned grey area.

However, with all that going on in the background, Pev still manages to pump out new music, whether it be solo releases or collaborative efforts with his fellow founders Kowton and Asusu, the Bristolian producer found new ways to mangle and meander between the lines of genre and dismantled the delineation altogether. That break between the borders is what leads to Tessellations, his new album just released on Livity Sound – a narrative that bears tributes to the past while establishing a sonic modernity that’s unique with every passing listen.

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Peverelist - Tessellations LP

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