Philipp Gorbachev announces South American + Mexico 'Unlock the Box' tour dates - set to release Remix the Box EP on PG Tune

After the release of the ‘Unlock The Box’ LP by Philipp Gorbachev on PG TUNE in summer 2016, which was premiered live in Russia and Ukraine, it is now time to ‘Remix The Box’. Please welcome four exceptional remixes by artists we are happy to introduce:

Inga Mauer’s mix of the ‘5th New Century’ opens the compilation and was recorded on hardware equipment in Kiev in the wake of the cult CXEMA rave. The young Russian born DJ and producer Inga Mauer is an ultimate talent, just opening her own boxes of dancefloor phantasy and teasing groove revelations (look for more Inga Mauer on Hivern Discs and Cómeme).

Menchess from South Africa is a key figure in the gqom movement and part of the Rudeboyz band. This remix of ‘Without You’ feat. Polina & Interchain contains all classic elements of gqom and preserves the moody ambience of the original. (Attention, big bass!)

Obgon aka Andrew Lee is one half of Interchain, a live band from Moscow. He represents the raw street sound of a new generation of Russian born artists, who create dance vibes beyond comfortable BPM zones and common club music references. Take a ride through Moscow’s dusty highways to squatting spot Rabiza with Obgon’s Road Trance Version of Orbit, a track initially dedicated to endless planetary spinning.

Another Russian born artist, Nikita Zabelin is a DJ and radio host who has established a unique network in Russia, connecting young producers from remote areas with new listeners via his radio show called ‘Resonance’. As an ARMA 17 resident DJ and a master of dance music composition, Nikita Zabelin’s take on ‘Ivan, Come On, Unlock The Box’ is a highly playable and almost reggae flavoured tool for any dance floor situation.

Remix the Box will be released on PG Tune Oct 28. Stream the Inga Mauer remix of ‘5th New Century’ here.

Tour dates

20.10.2016 - MUTEK MX - CDMX, MEXICO 21.10.2016 - YAMBAK BAR - AGUASCALIENTES, MEXICO 22.10.2016 - KIN KIN - GUADALAJARA, MEXICO 28.10.2016 - LATORA - BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA 29.10.2016 - 1984 - MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA 31.10.2016 - CASALOCASA - LIMA, PERÚ 05.11.2016 - TOPAZdeluxe - MONTERREY, MEXICO

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