Air Texture launch new country-specific compilation series

New compilation series place: launches with two releases focusing on electronic music is Georgia and Colombia

Curated by local artists, each compilation aims to shine a light on rising producers, with all proceeds donated to a country-specific Human rights issue.

place : are country specific - electronic music compilations where the proceeds are donated to local groups working on human rights issues - with the aim to highlight the local producers and bring awareness to the social causes that are important to the creative community there.

To raise awareness of local artistic and political action: celebrating electronic music as an egalitarian, classless, and empowering art form.

place : is a non-profit project from Air Texture in collaboration with Kompakt.

First two releases for Colombia and Georgia are scheduled for June 1st 2018.

place : colombia was created in collaboration with Juliana Cuervo, a Medellín based DJ Resident at Mansion Club, Medellín. Artist at Move and founder of DOCE record shop.

Stream clips from place: Colombia here

place : georgia was created in collaboration with Giorgi lakobidze and Sandro Mezurnishvili, local DJ and producers in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Stream clips from place: Georgia here

Developer notes.

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