Point G announces #6

The next release from house kingpin Point G is a 3 x LP, but it’s not an album. DJ Gregory, the French mastermind behind the Point G alias, had no pretentions of creating a cohesive and singular musical statement or narrative with the release—it’s just a collection of superpowered club tracks, plain and simple. It’s a set of sketches and building blocks that he’ll use during his forthcoming live sets, which is why the compilation is titled Point G Live Season 1.

The idea of constructing a live set informed both Gregory’s process of recording as well as the results of his labor. He crafted the tracks using analog gear and edited the sounds with computer software, which is why careful listeners might notice certain sonic motifs and recurring elements. Throughout the three-part series, Gregory emphasises melody rather than straightforward beats-and-bass tools. Gliding notes add a touch of melancholy to the slinky beat on Rumi and the barebones percussion on Willis, both of which weave delicate piano keys into lush instrumental arrangements that seem to float between and around drum hits. Meanwhile, Surdo and The Hunt hint at disco influences with bright vamps and crushed vocals that flash amid jacking rhythms. Of course, the hallmarks of the Point G sound—hypnotic, minimal beats embellished with raw textures—remain intact on the legendary producer’s latest effort.

Point G’s #6 will be released on Jan 26 2015.


Point G

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