Flore's POLAAR imprint announces fierce club EP from Toulouse producer Esther

Flore’s POLAAR imprint once again introduces you to the sonic world of Esther, a Toulouse-based DJ & producer obsessed with intricate rhythms and graphic textures. Her take on experimental bass music twists the lines of club aesthetics while elegantly breaking codes of the UK dance continuum. She is the creator of an ultra-modern and unclassifiable sound, crafting a clever blend of breakbeat, techno, and electronica.

Boss of her own label Doum Records, she first collaborated with POLAAR in May on her breakthrough single App Green / Hedon Hack. Her new EP is entitled by the lexical amalgamation “Pantome” (a portmanteau of Pantone and Fantom) summoning the audience to taste the words, feel the color and see the sounds, as she approaches music as a universal language.


Esther - Pantome EP

Release Date: 03 December 2020

Track List:
01. Carbon
02. Carmine
03. Violine
04. Granite

Listen to ‘Carbon’ on Bandcamp

Developer notes.

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