!K7 announces new Portable album 'Alan Abrahams'

‘Alan Abrahams is due for release August 19th

Portable is Alan Abrahams, a South African born artist and producer who is also a celebrated live act. Emerging more than fifteen years ago with a sound that marries real electronic soul with deep moods and abstract grooves, he is someone who has released his minimal wares on cult labels like Perlon and Live At Robert Johnson, as well as his own Süd Electronic. Always experimenting with rhythm and imbuing his music with a wide world of influences, this latest work proves that once more.

Alan Abrahams was written over the last two years, during the emotional break up of a relationship and the formation of a new one, and that is very much conveyed throughout. Says the man himself, “this album is also a natural progression from dance music into something akin to a mutated musical style that incorporates stuff I listen to all the time such as classical, African and new jazz.” This album is also noteworthy from the off in that it places Portable’s own vocals front and centre, as well as showcasing some very real song writing skills that makes for music that stands up to listening in many different contexts, not just the club. The album also comes with some of Abrahams’ own piano playing, as well as a number of music videos he has made himself.

This is the most complete and personal statement yet from Abrahams, and one that invites us deep into his inner psyche. It is a fascinating place to be.

01. Your Warrior ft. Kinoo, Aletchko & Johannes Schön
02. Say It’s Going To Change
03. Closer ft. Knox Chandler
04. More Than
05. As For Me ft. Kinoo & Aletchko
06. Bondage
07. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Drinker
08. Séraphin
09. The Year My Dreams Come True
10. This Frozen Lake ft. Kinoo
11. Standby

Listen to a full stream of the track ‘Say It’s Going To Change’ on Soundcloud

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