RA Art Of DJing: Anthony Parasole

*”One Saturday night in March, I met Anthony Parasole by the cluster of food and drink trucks that have sprung up outside Berghain. It was 20 minutes before opening time, but the line already snaked back to the street. On the way in we briefly checked out Säule, the club’s new space on the ground floor, made our way upstairs, and walked across the world’s most famous dance floor towards the DJ booth. Before each Klubnacht, the venue’s staff gather at the Berghain bar to drink a shot, the starting gun for an event that lasts well over 30 hours and sees thousands of people pass through the doors. At this point, Parasole is very familiar with the inner workings of this place. He’s been a resident DJ for the past few years, and he’s regularly entrusted with two vitally important tasks: opening or closing Berghain. *

I went on to spend a total of 12 hours stood beside Parasole, taking in his opening set that night and a closing set three weeks later. He’s been DJing since the ’90s, and to make these sets a success he has to draw upon everything he’s ever learned. The Berghain dance floor is a chaotic mass of energy that needs to be instinctively controlled and properly understood.

Parasole is also trying to perform a tricky balancing act, stemming from the fact that he doesn’t strictly see himself as a techno DJ. The Berghain crowd expects a certain type of musical experience, which he’s happy to give them, but he also wants to play J Dilla (as he did when he opened) or drop Frank Sinatra (as he’s done in the past). It’s part of what Parasole calls his “sonic voice,” something he cares deeply about. He wants the music he plays to move in a certain way—and he wants to present that music with a technique that’s unique to him. Parasole told me things about DJing that I’d never even considered. He wanted to make it clear that even in the often regimented world of house and techno, DJing should be an ongoing quest for originality.”

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