RBMA sit down with Octo Octa

The Honey Soundsystem affiliate reflects on a year of changes

The last year in Maya Bouldry-Morrison’s life has been eventful, to say the least. Although she knew that publicly coming out as transgender meant that her work as Octo Octa would never again be viewed the same way, she didn’t necessarily anticipate that she’d be so quickly welcomed into an international network of queer artists, parties and collectives within the world of electronic music. Honey Soundsystem is one of the key players in that network, and the San Francisco-based label just so happens to be releasing Octo Octa’s album, Where Are We Going? The producer spoke with Shawn Reynaldo for Red Bull Radio’s First Floor about how her transition factored into the record, while also contrasting the (mostly) positive response she’s received with the everyday reality of living as a trans woman.

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Photo Credit: Jeff McMahan


Octo Octa - Where Are We Going?


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