RBMA Daily chats to A Made Up Sound about the story behind his label

Despite being heralded by a wide range of fellow artists and listeners, the music Dave Huismans makes as A Made Up Sound still feels somehow underrated. His productions are capable of making listeners stay longer at any party while also boasting a stickiness capable of frustrating whatever funk they inspire. Balancing rhythmic diversion and melodic malfunction on releases for Trilogy Tapes, Delsin and Clone Basement Tapes, Huismans is an understated expert at total immersion, and the new retrospective release of transmissions from his own label, A Made Up Sound 2009-2016, is ample testament to his sui generis style.

At once narcotic and explosive, the compilation’s two-plus hours overflow with outsize personality, with elusive moments of melancholy and cinematic sweep that are often as stunning as they are short-lived (Huisman is as frugal with good ideas as he is fertile). His music has mastered a sort of backwards sprint, where movement isn’t impeded by the unorthodox mechanics.

A Made Up Sound 2009-2016 is a fitting coda to Huisman’s label, featuring subtle revisions of prior label releases alongside unreleased track “P.P.B” as well as “Bygones” and “Peace Offering” which are getting their own separate release as the label’s final 12-inch following the compilation. Each track has been remastered by Huismans with an eye on subtle improvement, a process he called “therapeutic.” Ahead of the release, Huismans spoke to Aaron Gonsher about the difficulties of being an innocent listener, his production process, challenging dancefloors and the necessity of making every record in his label’s seven year lifespan truly count.

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