Jimmy Edgar weighs in on modern approaches to compression with RBMA

“Though one of the most fundamental tools in a producer’s kit, compression is often one of the most misunderstood components of audio production. Generally defined, compression is used as a means to control the dynamic range of a piece of audio by proportionately reducing the level of a signal when it rises above a user-defined “threshold.” While grasping even these basic mechanics can be a bit challenging for those new to the field of audio, determining how and when to implement a compressor is often an even more nuanced task. In order to help us cut through the fog, we have again tapped a diverse panel of working artists to share some insight into how they approach implementing compression in their own work. From those producers who use the technique only sparingly to those who see compressors as an essential compositional tool, the second edition of Modern Approaches seeks to further pull back the curtain on the subtle art of compression.

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Jimmy Edgar

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