Relaxer (Ital) announce 'Relaxer V', the fifth and final EP in series

Relaxer’s fifth EP is the final edition in the self titled series that began in early 2016. The six tracks are split between viscous, serpentine techno and liminal, dubbed out beatless passages.

“My Reminiscence” opens with a shivering groove and a terror-soaked atmosphere before giving way to the more monolithic wormholing of “Headache.” “Stevie” and “Blister Pack” drift further afield from the dancefloor, rippling and reforming. Each side is closed out with a brief passage: “Empty Promises” and “Health is Wealth” are evocative and fleeting snapshots.

Relaxer V

Release Date: 01 May 2018

Track List:
A1. My Reminiscence
A2. Headache
A3. Empty Promises
B1. Stevie
B2. Blister Pack
B3. Health is Wealth

Stream the track ‘My Reminiscence’ in full here

Developer notes.

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