Resident Advisor reviews Octo Octa's Resonant Body

Breakbeats and house bangers delivered with a stirring personal message.

One of the most emotional moments on Octo Octa’s new album, Resonant Body, is a soaring breakbeat house tune called “Can You See Me?” Its atmosphere is deep and its melody tender, but the real tear-jerker is its repeated, burning line: “I know exactly how you feel.” It could be the vocal on any retro-house jam, but in the hands of Octo Octa, this message of love carries a particular kind of sadness and overwhelming strength. It is, at least I imagine, a message of shared understanding for her fellow trans partner Eris Drew, who co-runs the album’s label, T4T LUV NRG, and for her other, lifelong partner, Brooke, who made the record’s cover art. It’s also a message for her queer and gender non-conforming fans, though anyone who finds this record and feels isolated in some way can take the words with comfort.

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