Romans step up for a Crack mix ahead of the release of their debut LP

Romans is the collaborative alias of Gunnar Haslam and Tin Man.

Having both accrued considerable praise for their solo work- Haslam for his cerebral contributions to L.I.E.S and Delsin, Tin Man for his romantic acid excursions- the duo decided to link up following a chance meeting in at The Bunker in New York. Loosely posited as a machine-music portrayal of their namesake’s empire era, the two Romans EPs to date saw them merge their styles into murky but uniquely emotive offerings.

With a full-length LP entitled Valere Aude due out next month on Bunker’s in-house label, Romans have eschewed the typical promo mix format an instead constructed a tribute to Finnish techno pioneer Mika Vainio, whose work as Ø and as one half of Pan Sonic can be felt in Valere Aude’s rumbling acid lines and sparse atmospherics.

Check out their mix over at Crack Mag.


The Bunker New York

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