Scuba - fabric 90

Hotflush Recordings

Scuba - fabric 90 Sampler

Release Date: 14th October 2016 Format: Vinyl, Digital

Scuba’s entry in the revered fabric mix series features four debut-making artists, three of whom —Isaac Reuben, Glaskin, Blursome – feature on the present sampler 12” alongside the already-emerging talent of Tallmen785.

Together they cover a rich gamut of style. Tallmen’s gear-shifting opener - a charge of the techno brigade replete with live drum fills - leads into Blursome’s compact, broken, nocturnal outcry. Isaac Reuben then messes with structure and genre, bringing deep house tropes into a lofi, rough and raw world before Glaskin blow the door wide open right at the very end to reveal their cavernous, ultra deep field.

You’ll be hearing a lot from all of them on Hotflush in the coming months, so for now let the music break the ice.



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