Scuba talks to Pitchfork about his fabric mix and the future of London nightlife

For DJs, timing is everything. Their craft involves lining up beats with mechanical precision. Their careers depend upon tracking the shifting winds of dance music’s fickle tastes.

For Scuba—aka Paul Rose, the Hotflush Recordings label head and a veteran of Europe’s bass and techno scenes—the timing of his upcoming mix for fabric looked, until recently, particularly auspicious. A few months ago, he returned to London after nearly a decade spent living in Berlin. A set for the club’s esteemed mix series seemed overdue, and not just because he hasn’t recorded a commercial mix CD since 2011’s DJ-Kicks. Rose has been playing at fabric since 2007—first on Friday nights, where dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass were the order of the day, and then, as his style shifted, as part of the Saturday-night techno lineups. And the new album would allow him to showcase a slew of upcoming Hotflush material—including several “completely unknown” artists who’ve never before released anything (Isaac Reuben, Blursome)—while tackling a mixing technique he’d never tried in any of his previous sets.

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