Scuba's Manifesto For A Dance Revolution

The producer notorious for a no-bullshit attitude assesses what he sees as dance music’s dire straits.

Paul ‘Scuba’ Rose has been setting the pace for time. He’s spent 12 years passing through a precision tooled musical evolution that has seen him smash out everything from murky dubstep wobblers to gleaming spires of electronica. At the same time, his Hotflush Recordings label carries serious weight in the game. Restlessly innovative, the label has provided a platform for level-up releases from the likes of Joy Orbison, Untold and Mount Kimbie. It was – and remains – instrumental in the transition from the low frequency assaults of the mid noughties to the resurgence of tough techno today.

But perhaps one of the most refreshing things about Scuba is that, as well as making innovative moves in the electronic scene, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He’s openly dissed Hyperdub producer Zomby. He’s dished the dirt on David Guetta and Calvin Harris. And he memorably announced that “The Beatles made a lot of shit music”.

With that in mind, here’s his view on what dance music needs to do to get on track in 2015. Read on Redbull.



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