Dekmantel announces Lena Willikens Selectors 005 compilation

Kicking off what’s bound to be another busy year, Dekmantel is thrilled to announce that the latest Selectors compilation has been assembled by Lena Willikens. The fifth release in the series will be out on April 16.

The German DJ, producer and celebrated Salon des Amateurs resident is the kind of artist whose only capable of following one path – her own. In keeping with previous Selectors compilations though, Willikens’ contribution to the series is not a mix CD, but a collection of hand-picked tracks from her own archives.

However, her willingness to buck convention will be readily apparent to anyone who takes a look at the tracklist, as Willikens has chosen to stock the compilation with a surprising number of previously unreleased tracks. “I benefit from my friends and colleagues who constantly send me their unreleased music. Now I want to give something back by sharing these tracks with everybody.”

Nevertheless, those looking for vintage gems won’t be disappointed, as Willikens has also included a handful of oddball favourites from her record bag. At the same time, she’s made a point to avoid notably rare and expensive tunes. Instead, her curatorial instincts have taken her in a much more conceptual direction, which she describes as a “little trip through the dunes.”

Selectors 005 - Lena Willikens
Format: 2x12” LP
Release date: 16 April 2018

Track List:
A1. JASSS - Little Lines
A2. Garland Sepses
A3. Sandoz - Morning Start (Dub Mix)
B1. Vromb - Amalgame
B2. Le Matin - Oil
B3. Anatolian Weapons - Disillusioned
C1. Parrish Smith - Minima
C2. Varoshi Fame - Voice of Command (Chekov Re-Edit)
C3. towLie - Conan
D1. Sysex - Deep Space
D2. Borusiade - Night Dive
D3. Dose Zero - Tribal Dose

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