Clash DJ Mix: Sepalcure

“They’ve been away (as a duo) for a minute, but the electronic world did a collective whoop to learn that Braille, AKA Praveen Sharma, and Machinedrum, AKA Travis Stewart, would be releasing again as Sepalcure.
To celebrate the release of the ‘Fight For Us’ EP, the bass-loving pair have kindly mixed Clash the latest in their DJ mix series. Packed with garage, house and shimmering melodic subtleties, it’s an outstanding blend of modern day dance.”

Listen on Clash.

Sepalcure - Hurts So Bad
Wbeeza - Cosmic Jazz
Danny Clark - Sightseeing Tour Of The Moon
DJ Octopus - Hangover
D33J - Slow (Low Limit Remix)
Bicep - Rays
Brothomstates - Matala Bobo
Tom Demac - Dave Saints
D-Ribeiro - What’s Up Girl
Marquis Hawkes - When I Get Home
King Cheetah - Water Maze
The Organ Grinder - Trees & Sausages
Kevin McPhee - TW
Sepalcure - Music 4 All
Pearson Sound - Thaw Cycle
Kim Ahn - Shadows (JT Almon Remix)
Kool D - Casablanca Sessions (Vocal Mix)
Mendoza - Dreams vs Reality

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