Sermon 3 Recordings celebrate fourth anniversary with compilation, stream Alice Glass single

New York label and social justice platform Sermon 3 Recordings, founded by established producer and engineer The 83rd, turns 4 years old this summer. To celebrate, Sermon 3 will be releasing a special anniversary compilation with a power circle of artists bounded together by its multimedia web.

The release captures a moment in time, a moment where there’s a flurry of exciting new artists and innovations happening in the underground. This is an electronic punk scene where club culture is redefined and mosh pits are all the way opened.

‘Sermon 4’ bridges together artists from all over the world including Lisbon, LA, Chicago, Mexico and New York, as the release opens with a new track from Alice Glass who has laid the groundwork for these musicians to come through. Ghetto house legend DJ Deeon samples Roddy Ricch’s ‘The Box’, Via App opens the chamber releasing the highly sought-after ‘Electromancy (Esh Umaim Version),’ whilst NEUTER//MR.TRU3L0V3 flip the switch contributing a luscious deep house record.

Through community activism, DIY shows, underground raves and online forums, Sermon 3 has become a place where underground communities from around the world can find each other. These are the well deserved and overlooked voices that power mainstream society. The black, brown, femme, queer, hypercreative, boundary pushing artists that define generations have found a home with S3R. With Sermon 4, this home is also extended to Circa After Death affiliate Odete, deconstructed Latin club artists Meth Math, sound and art performance duo Scraaatch and Oakland visionary DÆMON.

Sermon 3 Recordings

Various Artists - Sermon 4 Anniversary

Release Date: 28th August 2020
Format: Digital

1. Alice Glass - NIGHTMARES
2. DJ Deeon - Bang Them
3. The 83rd - cleaver
4. NEUTER//MRTRU3L0V3 - bittersweet
5. Via App - Electromancy (Esh Umaim Version)
6. DÆMON - Stay Still
7. Scraaatch - u don’t kno until u come
8. Odete - O DIABO
9. Meth Math - aserje


Alice Glass - NIGHTMARES
Single out now

Listen to NIGHTMARES on Soundcloud

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