Listen to new Anthony "Shake" Shakir podcast on Interdimensional Transmissions

Recorded live at ‘Midwest Freaks’ on 17th March 2018

Anthony “Shake” Shakir is a rare kind of Detroit Techno living legend - he is an authentic iconoclast. He co-wrote “I Believe” with Octave One for Transmat, was the first Detroit artist to work with breakbeats for his “5% Solution” record for Metroplex / Interface, is on the 1988 Virgin Detroit Techno album, has released on KMS and its subsidiaries, edited the early Carl Craig tunes Psyche “Elements” and BFC “Galaxy” for Transmat and Fragile respectively, won The Electrifyin’ Mojo’s mix contest “The Mixodrome” while still in high school, and taught Claude Young to DJ before they formed a label called Frictional that Shake still helms.

At our March 17 2018 party “Midwest Freaks” where we celebrated some of the Midwest’s finest iconoclasts, Shake delivered a blistering ode to all the edges and possibilities of Detroit Techno.

You can catch Shake at Tresor.313 in Detroit on May 26, 2018, the first day of 313: Return to the Source.

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Interdimensional Transmissions

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